27Advisory brings sustainable business solutions to the business & assets owners, leveraging on the strength of emerging business models and technologies, to create transformative, innovative and technology infused results

Services under 27Advisory

Our strategic business planning services are designed to enable companies to develop pragmatic and sustainable business plans. We provide an unbiased and objective view to support the formulation of business plans that will help our clients to accomplish their business objectives. 

The scope of our services focuses on data analytics, market creation business strategy, operation and process improvement as well as organizational design that are complementing to business strategy.

  • Data Analytics & Business Insights
  • Business Strategy
  • Operation & Process Improvement
  • Organizational Design 

Transformation is an overly-used word which has no unified official definition. At 27Advisory, we take it as the fundamental change in a company at the core areas that change the way a business operate or its people work. With the emergence of innovative digital technologies, there is a growing emphasis of digital components in the business environment. Besides helping our clients to develop agile transformation plan with integration of digital technology, we go one step further to instill growth mindset into their business and work closely with our client in the implementation of transformation program to take the business to its full potential and ensure the realization of transformation plan.

  • Transformation Strategy
  • Business Process Digitization & Automation
  • Growth Mindset & Change Management 
  • Transformation Program Implementation

In support of the nation’s socio-economic growth, 27Advisory has developed a proprietary approach to quantify and curate socio-economic benefits generated from capital and investment projects. We focus on the job creation, uplift of income level, investment generation, business opportunities for industry sectors as well as the GDP contribution. Leveraging on our market insights and working with private-sectors client as well as public-sector clients, we help to elevate the entrepreneurship ecosystem while encouraging private sector participation and ensuring balance distribution of socio-economic benefits to various communities and marginalized groups.

  • Socio-Economic Modelling (SEM)
  • Socio-Economic Curation

Case Studies