Dr. Kam Yin Fah


Dr. Kam Yin Fah

Senior Advisor

27 Advisory


Dr. Kam is a leading Applied Scientist and Technopreneur, marrying science and business. With more than 35 years of professional experience in “humanizing” science and technology in areas dealing with human health and the environment. His current passions include (a) natural foods including probiotics, nutraceuticals and functional foods using platform technologies in antibiotics free and pesticide free farming for agribusiness and (b) molecularly extracted natural ingredients that are clinically tested to show therapeutic benefits with neuro-protective properties. Also, YF is a member of professionals that is developing a sustainable growth business model that encompasses a circular bioeconomy approach. This practical model is transformational in respect to creating significant employment and providing high economic benefits, plus adding many industrial additionalities for state and countries endowed with much natural forests and those nations that adopt properly managed planted forests practices. With preponderance of natural & planted forests, both the New Zealand and Malaysian Governments are presently conducting their own intensive and separate evaluations of this Growth Model. Concurrently, YF advises the appointed government-linked organizations of these two countries on how to formulate forward plans in order to implement this approach as part of the nation’s socio-economic programs.

Dr.Kam was invited by AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd (www.asurequality.com), to be the director for both AsureQuality Singapore Pte Ltd and AsureQuality Advisory Singapore Pte Ltd. Both organizations are 100% owned by the New Zealand Government. They provide world-class Food Safety & Bio-Security services and comprehensive consultancy, respectively to the food and primary food production sectors.

It was announced in 2014, Xeraya Capital (Life Sciences arm of Khazanah Holdings) placed a S$16 million investment Equity Funding into PrIME Biologics Pte Ltd. The investment was meant to fund the establishment of the first human blood fractionation plant in South East Asia. Dr Kam had been instrumental in this deal by conducting the series of formal introductions of the Company to the Malaysian Sovereign Fund resulting in bringing into Singapore this S$16 million investment.

As Independent director of Hovid Singapore Pte Ltd, Dr Kam assisted Hovid Berhad its first R&D program in Singapore in 2015. (Hovid and NNI Collaborate To Research Palm Tocotrienols and its Neuroprotective Effects in Parkinson Disease). As a result of successful latter Study, Hovid Berhad has now been invited to participate together with NNI in a bid for a S$25 million for National Medical Research Council Grant to commence a comprehensive Human Clinical Study Trial in Parkinson’s disease for patients with cognitive impairment and dementia.

Dr Kam was invited to be Independent Director of a Zero-Waste Engineering company called Chemilink Technologies Group Pte Ltd in 2010. CTG Group developed unique, proprietary and innovative solutions of in-situ stabilization techniques for the construction of environmentally-friendly and sustainable infrastructure. CTG was recognized as a leading technology company and was awarded with a number of research grants from the Singapore Government. With guidance, Dr Kam was the named co-Principal Investigator in the S$2.8 million R&D Grant awarded in 2010 by Singapore’s National Environment Agency. This proposal was awarded by collaborating with Singapore leading Environmental & Water Research Institute, NEWRI.

Dr. Kam joined the US-based HerbalScience when it set up its major center being set up in Singapore in 2004. This US Biotech Company owns proprietary botanical extraction and characterization platform technologies that enabled dose reliable botanical extracts. The company’s extracts are used to create ingredients used in functional foods, beverages, herbal supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmoceutical products. The “pure” complex molecules extracted from botanicals are also targeted for the future of “botanical drugs” with supporting clinical studies intended for medical uses.


As President of HerbalScience Singapore, Dr Kam led the efforts in creating and commercializing dose-specific, consistent and reliable medicines from herbal and botanical sources. The Company secured two successful rounds of fund-raising for the HerbalScience Group :

  1. S$15 million from a group of 30 sophisticated individuals and institutional Asian investors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2005.
  2. US$28 million from Aisling Capital and Weston Presidio in 2007. These are leading Investment Capital in life sciences and Growth Capital funds from USA, respectively.

As Chief Technology Officer of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd, Dr Kam brought Western scientific methods to this iconic Traditional Chinese Medicines company. Whilst in the company from 2000 for 4 years YF implemented systems for consistent production protocols in significant new products, especially major contributions to expanding new quality & branded edible bird’s nest sector.


Dr Kam earned a 1st Class BSc (1976) and a PhD (1979) in Polymer Science & Technology from the North London University, UK. During full-time professional career, he was an Associate Member of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry; Member and Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) and Member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (USA). As a Committee Member of Laboratory Accreditation Council of Singapore, YF volunteered his time for over 20 years.