Jeff Hewitt


Jeffery Charles Hewitt

Senior Advisor – High Speed Rail

27 Advisory

Jeff Hewitt is a professional engineer with over 40 years of international construction experience during which he has been active at a senior level in building a number of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.  Jeff has had a balanced career with periods spent with contractors, concessionaires, and public owners of infrastructure in varying roles through contract and project delivery, including bidding, tendering, negotiating contracts, contract change, and final accounts. During the last 20 years Jeff has worked on a number of high profile rail infrastructure projects including Taiwan High Speed Rail, Canada Line Rapid Transit project Vancouver BC, CrossRail UK and KVMRT Line 1 Malaysia. The majority of these projects have involved the management of all facets of railway delivery with the extensive infrastructure, rail systems, rail vehicles and the interface management between infrastructure and rails systems and the integration between rail systems and vehicles. This has culminated in the successful trial running by the Operator demonstrating that the system is safe and compliant with the Employer’s Requirements such that the Rail Regulator is able to sign approval to take the system into Revenue Service.


Jeff has demonstrated his commitment to successful project completion by having the tenacity to stay with a project through procurement, design, construction, system installation, testing and commissioning, trial running and finally Revenue Service.


Many of the projects on which he has worked involved the supervision of multi-disciplined professional teams and the management of joint ventures.  He has developed extensive project management skills which are used to ensure that his staff and the construction teams perform to the highest standards necessary to meet and exceed the project’s goals.  He has led teams of professional engineers, architects, commercial managers, finance specialist, property specialists, planners, schedulers, and builders, and has an impressive record of completing projects to a high standard and within tight timescales and budgets.


Jeff has a strong background of dealing with contractual and commercial matters while retaining the desire to have the project succeed. He has the ability to identify risks and put in place risk management measures to mitigate those risks and ensure delays are avoided or minimised.


Jeff is a career oriented professional who strives for success, demands and achieves the highest standards and levels of performance from his team.  He has extensive construction experience, focuses on safety, quality, and progress, and has confidence in his ability to deliver projects to meet the contracted requirements.


The above skills have allowed Jeff to carry out Due Diligence and Expert witness assignments as well as advising public investors developing proposals for new rail projects.