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27 Projects interviews Dinesh Nambiar on Project Management in Malaysia: Safety Standards, Current Landscape & The Way Forward.

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Facebook's Libra Project - An ambitious plan to bring affordable financial services to the masses.

Earlier this month, Facebook has released its white paper on its long-awaited cryptocurrency – Libra, a transformative digital currency designed to bring affordable financial services to billions of people on the planet.

So, what exactly is Libra?

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5G - The new space race for the world's superpowers 

The quest to develop 5G capabilities is increasingly becoming this generation’s space race, sparking tensions among its aspiring pioneers. At the forefront of this race is the United States which – with its recent appetite for protectionism – has moved aggressively to consolidate its position, going as far as drawing first blood with the Huawei conundrum in China, with President Donald Trump signing an executive order that effectively banned the use of Huawei equipment in US telecom networks on the premise of “national security concerns”.

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Do you need to count your calorie intake?

Do you believe in counting calories to stay fit and fab? We sure need it for energy, however the body will store excess calories in the form of FAT when we consume too much calories than what we actually need.

Surely everybody knows that too much calories can cause overweight and a long list of negative consequences such as risk of having heart attack or stroke, risk for fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and the list goes on, especially if you are inactive by nature.



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5 Questions with 27Advisory's Senior Advisor, Drs. Karin van Zuilen

Drs. Karin van Zuilen is a brand positioning and mindset change expert with a focus on organizational transformation. As founder of Senz Strategy Consulting and former global marketing director in the life science industry, she led and guided high profile organisations through periods of growth and change. Besides holding a Master degree in marketing, pharmacy and business economics, she is also a certified holistic psychologist, certified systemic coach and certified core qualities trainer.

For 15 years Karin oversaw the creation of business strategy, brand positioning, portfolio management and product development, as a global marketing director in the pharmaceutical and consumer health industry (Yamanouchi, Astellas, Asta Medica, InQpharm). She was responsible for leading the global marketing team and 200 marketing people (both local affiliates and distributors) in 40 countries. Her team achieved the #1 market position in 5 highly competitive markets and successfully introduced 100 product/market combinations worldwide.

1.    Best known for… her passion to help teams breaking with their hindering behavioral and thinking patterns. This helps you to tap into your growth potential, improve your teamwork and increase your productivity.

2.    Proudest achievement… getting positive feedback from the Management Team of VSM healthcare, Water Management The Netherlands, EW electricity generation Germany, FrieslandCampina Malaysia and many others, that since the ‘Engage for Success transformation program’ with Senz Strategy Consulting everything has changed. Employees are motivated to take initiatives, to give their best, teamwork has improved and productivity has increased.

3.    The last 5 years…I lived and worked in Malaysia. I notice that teams are struggling with the same issues as in the Netherlands and Germany: many ad-hoc activities distracting from the core strategy, lack of alignment in teams, frustration, lack of initiative and limited innovation and motivation.

4.    3 essential values… first look at yourself, don’t point at others; always do whatever you can; see the potential in others

5.    Rebuild Humanity… by finding and using your unique added value and contribution; as an individual, a team and a company.

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