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We turned 2, and here is our wishlist.

Marking our 62nd Independence Day recently, 27 Group, a Malaysian Management Consultancy, is calling all rakyat Malaysia, especially the government and private companies to adopt 9TS4M - nine Transformation Strategies for Malaysia over the next 10 years in all nation-building activities for a new economic paradigm and to create a liveable happy country that we once had and enjoyed living in. 

Mr Girish Ramachandran, 27 Group’s Executive Director at the #RebuildingHumanity Forum 2019 whilst celebrating the company’s second year anniversary shared his calls for change in order for Malaysia to achieve greater heights. Although 27 Group is a new kid on the ‘consulting’ block, the team behind 27 Group are veterans in the consulting industry.  

In his closing remarks, Girish mentioned that nation-building projects need an infusion of human values into strategy, funding and delivery in order to deliver sustainable, significant impact in a balanced manner. He said that he strives to achieve this through his focus on Socio Economic Transformation, Innovative Funding Models and Development Integrators. The nine transformation strategies are as follows: 

Pro-Rakyat Approach to Large Scale Projects
Bringing a holistic approach to large-scale projects (RM20 million and above) - applying socio-economic engineering modules to curate and create better jobs and higher incomes for families across the nation.

Read more about SEE here

Making Home Ownership a Reality
Creating Affordable Housing Trust Funds (AHTF) to finance down-payment obligations and provide loans at reasonable interest rates to make home ownership a reality.

Spurring Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs)
Private investments are vital for Malaysia’s developed nation status aspiration. The government should improve the architecture/framework to spur PPPs, more so when fiscal prudence has become a priority.

Disrupting Agriculture
Current blockchain technologies offer an opportunity to disrupt the agriculture industry. These digital solutions must be applied to maximise gains across the supply chain while empowering smallholders.

Getting our Education Priorities Right
The pace of technology-led disruptions is increasing exponentially. Young Malaysians must be equipped for this reality. STEM, Business Concepts and Coding subjects must be explored and introduced in Primary schools.

Creating New Opportunities in HealthcareThe silver economy is a potential engine of growth for this sector. By integrating hospitals and homes into a unified system for post-acute care facilities, we can drive growth and serve our ageing population better.

Smart Cities: The Malaysian future
To jumpstart our leap towards smarter cities, it is vital that we establish a Malaysia Smart City Council to act as a neutral advisor to coordinate policies towards this direction.

Better Tracking of Learning & Training
Leverage on digital technologies that provide real-time feedback with digital analytics, which generate insights that open room for improvements to educational and training programmes.

Creating a Sustainable Future
Malaysia is well placed to apply technologies to convert palm oil biomass and wood based plantations into feedstock for the production of biodegradable plastics.

In his brief speech, Girish also outlined that Socio Economic Engineering (SEE) will benefit our economy, government and employment with better GDP and GNI contributions, investments and net benefits, tax revenue contribution, foreign investment dividend as well as higher employment opportunities with better income level and economic internal rate of return.

Can housing trusts solve the affordable housing dilemma? 

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5 Questions with 27Capital's Executive Director, Fiona Soh

Fiona is a debt restructuring and recovery professional with exposure in various forms of corporate services. She brings over 20 years of experience in Ernst & Young, Malaysia and a specialist restructuring and reorganisation advisory firm.

Her current engagements include debt financing and fundraising for property projects in Australia, as well as for healthcare companies in Malaysia.

She is a for a registered Accountant of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), a member of Certified Practising Accountant of CPA Australia (CPA), and a member of Insolvency Practitioner Association of Malaysia (IPAM).

Best known for…Being the ‘go to person’ for loan restructuring engagements, divestment and acquisition transaction matters.

Proudest achievement…Having survived several special administration and restructuring engagements involving amongst others, Malaysia’s largest textile manufacturing company, Malaysia’s oldest tin mine, an IPP, and several stock broking firms

The last 5 years…Was busy learning new skills, meeting new people and setting up 27 Capital

3 essential values…Good thoughts, good speech and good deeds

Rebuild Humanity by…Converting good thoughts to good speech and deeds


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