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COVID-19: What do we do next?
Rethinking & Rebuilding Business Models

The COVID-19 pandemic, since its first reported case in November 2019, has brought unprecedented impact on governments, businesses and societies around the world. As of 3rd May 2020, it has infected more than 3.4 million people worldwide, causing more than 240,000 fatalities.¹

Started-off as a health crisis, it is now turning into a global financial crisis as the various public health measures such as movement control, travel restriction and social distancing to break the infection chain are affecting the continuity of economic activities across all sectors.

This document is meant to provide a systematic framework for government, industry groups and companies to examine the impact of COVID-19 in their own environment, and formulate the necessary steps that will help them to navigate through the crisis.

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A quick update on the global aviation industry amid the COVID-19 global pandemic

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has brought serious threats to all sectors of the world economy, one of the worst hits is the aviation industry.

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Ports of the future. Smart and Green Ports

Ports, as one of the critical infrastructures like Airport and Roads, is a fundamental enabler to the global economy. Around 90% of the world trade is carried by the international shipping industry.

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COVID-19 Statistics

A summary of COVID-19 disease reported globally based on successful treatment, number of in treatment and cases of deaths.

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Is the Electric Car the future? What about coal-powered Electric Cars?

Electric vehicles (EV) market has experienced a boom and saw numerous developments last year from large manufacturers like Tesla, Ford and Porsche. Some see such rapid development as wonderful, as electric vehicles remove dirty fossil-fuelled cars from roads, but not all stand to such opinion.

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5 Questions with Mohd. Noor bin Adam

Administration Personnel, 27 Projects

Best known for... being a trustworthy person amongst family and friends.

Proudest when people appreciate & acknowledge my loyalty.

The last 5 years… was always thinking and doing all sorts of different things in order to achieve the right work- life balance.

3 essential values... be kind, be helpful & be cheerful! We only live once!

Rebuild Humanity by…delivering results as people have given their trust!

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