The Humanitarian Call to Change Gives Light to a New Breed of Consulting.

27Group opened its doors earlier this year with a clear vision – becoming Malaysia’s very first strategic nation building consultants with a shared vision of rebuilding humanity in Malaysia and the region.

Comprising three fundamental pillars – 27Advisory, 27Projects and 27Capital, with each striving to contribute to high value impact projects, 27Group offers in-depth consultancy and reviews socio-economic impacts, focusing not on profit but primarily on the overall impact on communities and humanity.

Girish Ramachandran, formerly the Head of Business Advisory for Arcadis South East Asia, recently made the switch to 27Group, bringing his 25 years of experience...

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Is anyone focusing on Malaysia's Economic Growth ?

A recent news brief from S&P just confirmed my thoughts and feel on whats happening in Malaysia - we need to get out of this 'holding pattern' and land quickly to rebuild if not the fear of a decelerating economy is inevitable. 

Whilst we have strong reforms taking place with the New Government, has everyone forgotten about our Economy and that we are in a competitive framework in ASEAN + China + India and we already before May 9th needed to work harded, faster and smarter...

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