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Did you know that Malaysia Airlines punctuality outperformed Air Asia (AA) from November 2018 to March 2019 

According to data from Official Aviation Guide (OAG) Punctuality League in Mar 2019, Malaysia Airlines’ punctuality recorded 83.1%, higher than AA’s 80.4%.

Flight punctuality has always been one of the key metrics in measuring the performance of an airline. A flight that depart or arrive within 15 minutes of its scheduled time is categorized as On-Time. As an effort to provide an overview on the airline punctuality at global level, OAG has been collecting flight data around the world on a monthly basis to measure the On-Time Performance (OTP).

Of the 345 airlines evaluated in OAG’s database, it is shown that the top performers can achieve 96% of on-time performance, while the underperformers can go as low as ±20%. Taking a closer look at the airlines that originated from Malaysia, OAG had evaluated five airlines, namely Firefly, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Air Asia X, and Malindo.

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A Case Study on Business Transformation: Do you need to revitalise your Corporate Strategy?

We worked very closely with our client, an agricultural equipment manufacturer in the industry of oil palm. The core products are their patented harvesting poles and sickle system for oil palm.  The company also currently serves the Top 15 palm oil producers of the world, encompassing markets across Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Africa and South America.

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27Capital Interview on Challenges and Solutions for the Palm Oil Industry

Watch the conversation between 27 Capital Director, Ms Fiona Soh and 27 Advisory Senior Advisor Mr. M R Chandran on the challenges in the oil palm industry in Malaysia and the way forward. Mr Chandran was also the former CEO of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA).

The banning of Palm Oil products from South East Asia in EU
"The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has called for tact and diplomacy, to counter threats from the European Union over palm oil." Listen to the podcast between BFM 89.9 and Mr. M.R. Chandran on this issue.

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Arcadis latest report places Kuala Lumpur in bottom 5% as least expensive cities to construct built asset. 

This year’s report builds upon its strong heritage as the leading reference point in relative comparison of global construction costs. This year the comparison covers 100 major cities. From New York to Hong Kong, Mumbai to Buenos Aires, and Barcelona to Sydney, this is one of the largest comparisons of its type and covers every major construction market. Arcadis’ annual International Construction Costs Comparison report is based on industry-leading market knowledge. Apart from providing a comparative indexation of construction costs around the world, the report also provides market insights and recommendations on the factors clients should be considering in order to continue being successful in the future.

Malaysia’s GDP grew by 4.7% in 2018, down from 5.9% the year before. The price of construction materials was stable in 2018, except for steel, which decreased slightly. As of January 2019, the minimum wage was increased, a move which will influence labor costs. In 2019, the construction sector will grow at a slower pace, due to major revisions around mega infrastructure projects and a general slowing down of global construction projects. The Malaysian government’s allocation of over $362 million (USD) for affordable housing, may well stimulate industry growth this year. The Malaysian construction market will grow by 4.7% in 2019, as well as a slight increase of 0-2% in the tender price index.

Source: Arcadis 2019 International Construction Costs Report (6 May 2019)


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5 Questions with 27 Advisory's Principal Advisor, Azlan Azri Zainal Abidin

Azlan is a highly accomplished professional architect with extensive experience in architectural field with projects across the United Kingdom, Middle East, China and Malaysia. His strength lies in his ability to offer considerable expertise in conceptual and design ideas during the early stages of the development process. He is currently collaborating with experts from the aerospace sector to introduce a transfer of technology between the two fields. He is currently the Managing Director, Building Infrastructure Engineering Services at Strand Malaysia. His areas of expertise are Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Industrial Management.

Best known for : High Value Industrial Park Ecosystem, Human Capital Programme and Digital Construction

Proudest achievement : Developing a vision for Serendah Masterplan for UMW, with anchoring manufacturing contract for Rolls Royce aircraft engines as a catalyst

The last 5 years : Creation of a new development and construction division within the Strand Group

Three (3) essential values : Inventiveness, Creation & Future 

Rebuild Humanity by : Creating high value jobs through capability via creativity, innovation and technical skill

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